Mini Map Creation

To implement the GC Minimap, follow a few simple instructions as shown below.

  1. From the PivecLabs/UIComponents/Prefabs folder, drag the prefab named Canvas - Minimap to your scene Hierarchy.

  2. Add a Trigger for OnStart and add the Action Display MiniMap.

  3. The Prefab in your scene should look as follows the image below.

4. You can change the graphics later (see tutorials section below), but for now lets just enable the Minimap Actions. In the Display MiniMap Action, drag in the Panel - Minimap into the corresponding slot, and the RawImage - texturemap also into the Action.

5. Choose the desired position from the dropdown selection and press play. All should now work as desired. The Action will create the render texture and the camera, adding it to the player at runtime.

You can change the graphics, the size and border, and the rotation function by updating the prefab. This is covered in the Tutorial below.