Installing and Updating Modules
Game Creator utilises a Module Manager to keep install, enable and diasble, and remove official and unofficial modules such as the Accessibility Module. This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of installing the Accessibility Module or updating it from the Unity Asset Store if you already have it in your project.
First of all, you must have a Unity Project open that already has Game Creator installed. If you have not done this and need help, you should visit the official Game Creator documentation site and follow the instructions on how to acheive this. For our example, we have GC version 0.9.9 already intstalled.
From the Unity Menu (the graphic may differ on a PC), locate the Game Creator menu item and select the Module Manager.
This will open the Game Creator Module manager Window. For an empty project with only GC core installed, you will see the following window.
If you have already enabled the GC examples, these will show as Enabled. If you have previously installed the Accessibility Module and are updating it to a new version, you will see this window.
The menu on the Left of the Module Manager window, will incliude all of the Modules that you have purchased and installed in your project. If these items are selects (in blue), the main window will show if they are enabled or not, as well as the Version number of the software. In this example, we have Version 1.0.0 of the Accessibility Module installed and enabled.
For the next step, we need to open the Asset Store Window within our Unity Porject and locate the Accessibility Module in the Unity Store. It will look similar to this, however the RED button may show something different depending on what you have done previously. It may say Purchase, Update, Download, or Import.
You will need to select this button until it shows IMPORT, and then select it again. If this is a new install, you will see the following window.
If you are updating the module, it will look like this.
For both options, click the Import button. After the code has been imported, the GC Module Manager will display the new version. You will then need to Enable it for a new project,
or select Update for an existing project.
A new installed will prompt a second Import window, but you will not see this on an Update.
Select Import to add the components to you project. Finally, the Module Manager will ask if you wish to keep or remove the Installer code. This is entirely up to you.
Back in the Module Manager window, you will see that the Accessibility Module has been updated to version 1.1.0. The Example code will also have been updated, but if you wish to use this code, you must first Enable the Examples in the Module Manager. This is the same for all Game Creator example code.
Do Not attempt to move the folders for any Game Creator files, code or modules. The system is built on a structure and the code must know where components reside.
Happy Game making!
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