Changing the Graphics for TouchStick
In this tutorial, we will show you how to add custom graphics to the Accessibility TouchStick and Button Bar. You will first need to create your graphics using photoshop or another graphics program and add them to a folder within your Unity project.
The graphics should be of png format and square in shape.
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    First you need to find the Accessibility Touchstick prefab in your assets and open it by double clicking on it or by clicking Open Prefab in the Inspector.
2. You should see the Accessibility Touchstick in the Hierarchy window and in the Scene window like this.
There is a bug in Version 1.1.0 of the Accessibility Module. The Buttons are disabled in the prefab and need to be enabled to avoid errors. FInd the AccessibilityTouchStick1 prefab and double click to open. You will see that the "PanelAButtons" is disabled. You must enable it in the Inspector window. This is be fixed in V1.1.1​‌
3. Now you can add your graphics. Firstly, you need to ensure that the images have a texture type of Sprite (2D and UI). You can also reduce the Max Size to 256 to reduce your memory footprint. Then click Apply.
4. Next select the PanelATouchStick in the Scene Hierarchy window.
5. And drag your new Image for the base of the TouchStick into the Source Image slot.
6. Now select the ATStick for the hierarchy and add your stick graphics to the Source Image.
7. Repeat this procedure for each of the buttons by selecting ATSButtonA, ATSButtonB, etc. Drag your new graphic into the Source Image slot in the Inspector window.
8. If you have followed each step correctly, close the prefab, and select play. Your game screen should look something like this (but with your graphics). For persepctive buttons (angled like the ones shown below) they will not keep their persective if you move them from corner to corner as they are rotated. Also, if you are adding them to the scene that you created from the "Add Actions to Button Bar" tutorial, you will need to change the colours back to white, or you graphics will be tinted.
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