Comic Strip Example

The Comic Strip Example that is included in this module is simple to create, to modify, or to add to. We have created a Canvas with a white Panel and Added 5 Game Creator Full Buttons. Each of these buttons cover the entire Panel.

Each of the Buttons has a Local Vector3 Variable called originalPosition (see Slide-In Elements in the Slide Elements Section above), and text and images of your choice can be added as children of this Button.

Finally, we have added two Actions to each Button, one to slide the button out when clicked and secondly to slide the Next Button in from either a side or a corner.

The last thing to note is that we have hidden all the buttons at the start, using an On-Start Trigger and a Blank Canvas to mask this.

The Shake Element has also been employed on Button 3, and when the final button is clicked, we slide it out, and fade the blank canvas back. You could resume a game or load a new scene at this point.