Example 9 AutoRun
We have had many requests for a endless runner type game. To create this with Game Creator, we have built an Auto Run feature that uses a the Prefab "Touchstick None". When combining this with a Swipe Up Trigger for Player Jump, and endless runner game is easily created.
First, you must and the Prefab TouchstickNone to the Game Creator Preferences Panel.
If you wish to test this (using Space bar for Jump and not swipe), you must select the Force Display in Editor check box. We have also chosen Discreet mode to lessen the player sliding.
Activate Auto Run using an On Start Trigger (the speed can be set in the player settings). Then with a Swipe Up Trigger, add a Player Jump Action.
We have used a Follow Camera Motor for this example, but other camera motors will also work. The Set Auto Run Action also has a Side Scroll option for side scrolling games.
If you uncheck Can Run in the Player settings, the Auto Run becomes Auto Walk.
Last modified 10mo ago
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