Action List

This Action Pack Contains detailed Actions for Game Creator. They will NOT work without having Game Creator previously installed.

To install these Actions, simply download and import this asset from the Asset store. All Actions will automatically appear in the Game Creator Action List under Action Pack 1.

Action Name


Custom Timer

Countdown or count up and execute Action

Disable NavMesh

Disable the NavMesh for Player or Character

Bullet Time Scale

Momentarily slow down Time

Random Action

Execute a Random Action

Random Action from List

Execute a Random Action from a List

Random Action only Once

Execute a Random Action only Once

Repeat Actions Random Times

Execute an Action a Random amount of times

Drag Object with Mouse

Drag an Object in 3D worldspace with Mouse

Drag Object to Rotate

Rotate an Object in 3D worldspace with Mouse

Float an Object

Float an Object in 3D worldspace

Move Object by Distance

Move an Object with easing and return timer by Distance

Move Object by Value

Move an Object with easing and return timer by Value

Shake an Object

Shake an Object in 3D worldspace

Get Parent

Get the Parent of a GameObject and store in Variable

Change Parent

Claear or Change a GameObject's Parent

3D TMP Change

Change properties of 3D text mesh Pro object

3D TMP Clock

Display system time using 3D TMP

3D TMP Clock Stop

Stop the 3D clock

3D TMP Rotate

Rotate 3D TMP object to face the Camera

3D TMP Timer

Countdown 3D timer and execute Action

3D TMP to Variable

Populate a GC Variable from a 3D TMP object

Variable to 3D TMP

Populate a 3D TMP object from a GC Variable