Object Outlining
Using the Object Outlining component, you are able to change the following. Please note that this Actions affect ALL Game Objects in a scene by applying a post processing filter to the Main Camera. The attributes avaliable to change are:
  • Outline Colour
  • Outline Width
  • Outline Only (reduction of Object Colours)
Before you start using the of the Object Outlining Action, you must add the Camera Object Outline Script to the Main Camera. This can be done manually by dragging the Script from the components folder directly to the main camera game object.
Or by selecting the Component from the Component/Game Creator/Accessibilty menu.
You can verify that this has been completed by viewing the Main Camera in the Unity Inspector Window. You only need one instance of this script in the scene, or if you have more than one Camera (not Camera Motors) and wish to apply the filters to each, then each camera will need the component.
The Camera Outline Component must be applied to the Main Camera for these Actions to work. However, if you enable an Action without applying the Camera Component, the Action will attempt to do it for you.
The settings available using the Object Outline Action are as follows;
  • Outline Colour: Selected Colour.
  • Outline Width: from 0 to 3 (must be more than zero for Outline to be seen)
  • Only Outline: from 0 to 3
These values can be set in the Inspector using the Colour Selector or Sliders, or can be obtained from a GC Variable.
The width must be more than zero for Outline to be seen.
However, you must also Trigger the Enable Object Outline Actions. This can also be done in the Inspector or by using a Variable. This Action can also be used to turn off Object Outlines and revert the scene to it's original state.
By using Variables, you can combine these with a GC Slider in a UI Canvas, and allow the player to set their own preferences.
Recommended Settings for players with Visual impairments:
  • Colour: Black
  • Outline Width: 0.5
  • Only Outline: 0.0
Or allow the player to choose their own values using an in-game settings panel.
See the Examples Scenes and Settings Canvas provided with this Module.
An Object Outline Shader is also provided and is found in the Resources Folder. This is automatically included in your build.
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