Variable Text Size
The Variable text Size component will allow you to change the size of ALL text within the scene. Please note that this Action affects ALL Text by using find FindObjectsOfTypeAll<Text>, and applies to User Interface Panels, Simple and Floating meassages, and Dialogue text. The attributes avaliable to change are:
  • Enable Best Fit
  • Text Size Increase
Using the Variable Text Size Action, text can be increased by point size. For example, if displayed text has a Font Size of 14 and the increase is set to 10, the resulting Font Size will be 24. However, as this component affect ALL text, other text that may be 28, will also be increased by 10. The resulting Font Size for this text will be 38.
Font Sizes can also be decreased by using a negative number. For example, after increasing the text by 10 points, to reduce text to the original size, the Action can be called again with a parameter of -10.
These values can be set in the Inspector using a numeric value, or can be obtained from a GC Variable.
If the "Enable BestFit Text Size" checkbox is selected, the increase parameter will be hidden and not used. The text will be increased to the maximum size that will fit in the text bounding box. To reset the text to the original size after using BestFit, call the Action again with BestFit deselected and a increase size of Zero.
If Best Fit is not used, you must ensure that the bounding box for the text is able to fit the maximum size increase that you will apply.
By using Variables, you can combine these with a GC Slider in a UI Canvas, and allow the player to set their own preferences.
Recommended Settings for players with Viusal impairments:
  • Text Size Increase: allow the player to choose their own values using an in-game settings panel. Use a Slider with a maximum setting of 12.
See the Examples Scenes and Settings Canvas provided with this Module.
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