Visual Aids
This component consists of the following Actions and provides post-processing components for the main camera. All actions can be turned off and on using Actions. Game Creator already providers for some of these Actions, such as changing text size, but only for specific Game Objects. These Actions are applied to ALL Game Objects within the scene, changing the overall look and feel, and provide for individual preferences.
  • Colour Correction: A series of Actions to change selected colours in the overall scene. This component allows for the Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast of the entire scene to be changed.
  • Colour Switching: Up to 4 colours can be swapped out for an alternative colour. The tolerance and feathering can be adjusted.
  • Object Outlining: Every Object in the scene will be given an outline of a chosen colour and width. This Action also allows for the other colours of the to be faded providing for different effects.
  • Variable Text Size: To assist players who struggle to read the developers chosen text size, this Action will allow the player to increase the size, or choose the best fit for the template.
  • Colour Picker: To choose the colours from a UI settings panel, a circular colour picker has been included that writes the selected colour to a Game Creator Variable.
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