Configurable Tank Camera

To use the Configuarable tank Camera, locate the AccessibilityTouchstick Prefab from the Accessibility/Prefab folder, and drag to the Prefab into your Scene Hierarchy. Alternatively, you can create an empty game object and add the Tank Camera Component script found in the components folder.

Once the Tank Camera Component is in the Hierachy, simply add the enable Tank Camera Action to a trigger and configure it for use. The options avaliable to you for the Tank Camera are as follows:

  • Enable/Disable Tank Camera

  • Sensitivity (affects the movement speed)

  • Character Lean (leans the player character while forward turning)

  • Angular Speed (affects the animation when not moving forward)

  • Movement Dircetion (changes the camera follow affect)

  • Camera Rotate (changes the currect setting to Right Mouse Hold for Camera Orbit)

You must drag the Tank Camera Component from the hierarchy into the prefab slot in the Enable Tank Camera Action to use.

Different effects can be obtained using different settings. However, the Tank Camera is primarily developed for use without the mouse or when using one hand only, either mouse or keyboard.

The Tank Camera does not replace the Game Creator Camera motors. It simply augments the Adventure and First Person Cameras, to simulate what is commonly known as a Tank Camera.

To get the full effect, you need to disable the horizontal input using the Unity Project Settinsg Panel. This must be done manually as Unity currently does not provide an API to the Input Axes settings. Although not essential, the Tank Camera will operate more smoothly by deleting a and d from Edit/Project Settings/Input/Horizontal - Alt Negative & Alt Positive buttons.

Recommended Settings for players with Cognitive impairments:

  • Tank Camera: Enabled

  • Sensitivity: 1.5

  • Character Lean: 10

  • Angular Speed: 720

  • Movement Direction: Camera Direction

  • Camera Rotate: Right Mouse Hold on

Or allow the player to choose their own configuration using an in-game settings panel.

Note: Currently there is no Character Animation when rotating the player with Movement Direction set to Camera Direction. This is planned for a future update.

See the Examples Scenes and Settings Canvas provided with this Module.