Multi-Function Touchstick

The Multi-Function Touchstick can be used on Mobile or on the screen of a PC or Mac (see On-Screen Joystick). The standard Game Creator Touch-stick will will automatically appear when your game is built and deployed on a mobile device. To display the Multi-Function Touch-stick, select Games Creator/Preferences from the top menu in Unity. Locate the AccessibilityTouchstick Prefab from the Accessibility/Prefab folder (AccessibilityTouchStick1), and drag to the Prefab Touchstick slot.

The Actions avaliable to you for the Accessibility Touchstick are as follows:

  • Show/Hide Touchstick

  • Move/Resize Touchstick

  • Colour Touchstick

The Touchstick also has a TankCam effect that can be enabled from the Show TouchStick Action. This effect will keep the camera behind the player when the player is turning.

The touchstick can be placed on the left, the right, top or bottom. When the touchstick is on the left (default), the screen drag for rotating the camera is on the right. However, when the touchstick is moved to the right, the screen drag is automatically move to the left.

The Multi-Function Touchstick can also be resized at the same time it is moved.

The Multi-Function Touchstick will allow the player to walk and run depending on the amount of drag.

The Touchstick also provides five configurable buttons which can also be hidden, moved, and coloured, independantly of the touchstick itself. To add Actions to the Buttons, locate the ButtonsBarActions Prefab from the Accessibility/Prefab folder, and drag to the the scene Hierarchy. Buttons can be enabled or disabled and Actions can be added to each button directly or using a Variable.

Default settings are:

  • Touchstick Left

  • Buttons Left

  • Button Actions not set

The game speed can also be reduced or increased by using the Game Creator Action: General/Time Scale. The Camera Sensitivity settings can also be set for vertical and horizontal by changing the settings in the Camera Motor inspector panel. This Action sets both vertial and horizontal sensitvity settings to the same value.

Recommended Settings for players with Cognitive impairments:

  • Touchstick Left

  • Buttons Right

  • Touchstick resized: 1.5

  • Show Buttons: A, C, E

Or allow the player to choose their own configuration using an in-game settings panel.

See the Examples Scenes and Settings Canvas provided with this Module.