Motoric Aids
Many players have issues with how the developer requires the game to be played, especially if they have motoric disabilities. This can be aleviated somewhat, by allowing the player to change the input controls for movement. The following Actions will assist with this.
  • Multi-Function Touchstick: Game Creator allows for a prefab touchstick to be utilised when developing a game for mobile devices. This Component provides a configurable touchstick with Actions buttons. The prefab can be moved, coloured, and configured using the provided Actions.
  • On-Screen Multi-Function Joystick: If your player is challenged to use both Keyboard and Mouse simultaneously, whether it be from a disability or your audience are just not hard-core gamers, then this on-screen joystick will allow your game to be played without a keyboard.
  • Configurable Tank Camera: Game Creator has many different options for controlling the movement of the player. However, as with the previously mentioned, some players are challenged to use both Keyboard and Mouse simultaneously. This component gives the developer the option of providing what we call a Tank Camera. This allows the player to move and rotate only using the keyboard and not the mouse.
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