The Game Creator plugin is composed of different components that, used together, allow you to develop any type of game.
This Module is divided into 4 components, each consisting of Actions relating to that specific area of Accessibility. Some Actions, such as the Visual Actions relating to Colour Blindness, require addition Camera components for post-processing. These can be easily added from the Unity Game Creator Accessibitly Menu.
When you select a Camera Component from the Menu, it will be Automatically added to your Main camera. It is best that this is done before adding any corresponding Actions.
All Actions within this Module can be set from Variables. This is an important features as it allows for the developer to create a Player Settings screen to enable the player to alter suchs features as Colour, Sound Volume, Game Speed, Control position, and more, to suit their individual needs.
Included within this Module are example of player settings screens and associated sample scenes of how to use them.
This Module consists of the following Components and will be added to with new updates:
  • Visual Aids: Post-Processing features to change the overall colours, text, and look of a scene.
  • Auditory Aids: Volume controls and Closed Captions for Sounds.
  • Motoric Aids: Configurable input controls and Tank Camera
  • Cognitive Aids: Dyslexia font, Parental Controls, Motion Sickness prevention, and Game Speed.
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