Motion Sickness Prevention

This component will assist with the prevention of motion sickness. The three areas that are known to help are as follows :

  • Increasing the Field of View

  • Removing Headbob (First Person Camera Motor)

  • Adding Crosshairs to Screen

All attributes can be set or changed using Variables

The Field of View on both the First Person and Adventure camera motors can be changed using the sliders or from variables. The Headbob can also be turned off for the First Person Camera by selecting the checkbox.

Unless the Camera is set to the Main Camera, the camera motor game object must be applied to the require parameter.

To reset the field of view to the default parameters and turn on Headbob, you can either execute the Action again with the default settings, or call the Disable Action.

Adding crosshairs to the screen will also help prevent motion sickness. This is achieved by adding the CrosshairCanvas prefab to the scene and using the Enable Crosshairs Action.

This Action will allow you to show and hide (unclick show) the Crosshairs, and to change the Alpha and Size of the image. The Crosshairs should be used with both First Person and Adventure Cameras and can be turned off for other camera motors.

Recommended Settings for players with Cognitive impairments:

  • Field of View: 90

  • HeadBob: off

  • Crosshairs: on

  • Crosshairs Alpha: 0.5

  • Crosshairs Size: 2 for First person, 6 for Adventure Camera

Or allow the player to choose their own settings using an in-game settings panel.

See the Examples Scenes and Settings Canvas provided with this Module.