Parental Controls with Password

The Parental Controls component will allow you to pixelate selected areas within the scene. Three Censor Object prefabs are include in the Prefabs folder. The are:

  • CensorCube

  • CensorSphere

  • CensorCapsule

Each prefab has the Pixelated shader applied and is tagged "CensorObject". These prefabs can be place anywhere in the scene and resized to cover the sensitive area. You can place as a static object or attach to a moving object and resize to fit.

You can create your own censored objects. Use any shape, add the pixelation material, and add the tag "CensorObject". Ensure that the collider is removed and the meshrendered is inactive.

To activate the Parental Control, simply trigger the Action "Enable Censoring". This will find all game objects with a Tag of CensorObject and active the MeshRenderer.

This Action can be trigger at start, or when disturbing scenes occur. To disable the control, call the Action again with the Enable checkbox unchecked.

A Password can also be created using a Canvas and InputField (See example cognitive scene) and saved to a Variable. The password can be saved in plain text or encrypted. This password can then be retreived to turn off parental controls using the compare variables Conditions.

The GC Conditons included in this Module compare an Encrypted Variable with a text string, and comapre two Encrypted Variables. The Decryption Key must be identical to the Encryption Key.

It is Strongly suggested that you change the Default Encryption/Decrytoion Key.

All prefabs, materials and shaders are included in this module.

Recommended Settings for players with Cognitive impairments:

Provide pixelated objects over voilence and nudity areas, and allow the player to choose to turn on and off using an in-game settings panel.

See the Examples Scenes and Settings Canvas provided with this Module.