Gameplay Speed and Sensitivity
The Game Speed component will allow you to change the Time Scale of the game (how fast the character moves, how fast physics happens, etc), as well as the sensitivity of both the Adventure camera and the First person Camera. The attributes avaliable to change are:
  • Reduce Game Speed
  • Reduce Camera Sensitivity (Adventure Camera Motor)
  • Reduce Camera Sensitivity (First Person Camera Motor)
All attributes can be set or changed using Variables
To reset all the attributes back to the defaults, call the Action again and set all sliders to maximum.
If more than one Camera Motor is in the scene, and the Camera is not set to the Main Camera Motor, the Camera Motor GameObject must be dragged into the providied slot.
Default settings are:
  • Game Speed: 1 (can be reduced to 0)
  • Adventure Camera Sensitivity: 10 (can be reduced to 1)
  • First Person Camera Sensitivity: 2 (can be reduced to 0)
The game speed can also be reduced or increased by using the Game Creator Action: General/Time Scale. The Camera Sensitivity settings can also be set for vertical and horizontal by changing the settings in the Camera Motor inspector panel. This Action sets both vertial and horizontal sensitvity settings to the same value.
Recommended Settings for players with Cognitive impairments:
  • Game Speed: 0.5
  • Adventure Camera Sensitivity: 5
  • First Person Camera Sensitivity: 1
Or allow the player to choose their own Game Speed using an in-game settings panel.
See the Examples Scenes and Settings Canvas provided with this Module.
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