Dyslexia Font Options

The Dyslexia component will allow you to change the font of ALL text within the scene to the Dyslexia font, or another font. The attributes avaliable to change are:

  • Original Font

  • New Font

The Open Dyslexia Font is provided with this Module and is in the Resources folder. It will be automatically included in the build.

To change the font, add the Dyslexia font to the New Font parameter by drag and drop, or by clicking the select button in the Inspector. The Original Font should also be added to enable the Action, and this will allow the font to be reset.

To change the font back to the original, execute the Action again with the Change Text Font unselected.

If Mulitple Fonts are used within a scene, ALL fonts will be changed to the New Font.

By using Variables, you can combine these with a GC Toggle in a UI Canvas, and allow the player to set their own preferences.

Recommended Settings for players with Cognitive impairments:

Allow the player to choose the Dyslexia Font using an in-game settings panel.

See the Examples Scenes and Settings Canvas provided with this Module.