Cognitive Aids
This component consists of the following Actions and all actions can be turned off and on using other Actions. Game Creator already providers for some of these, but the included Actions allows for further integration into the Accessibility Module.
  • Dyslexia Font: Most games use a dialogue font that fits the genre and look and feel of the game. However, this can sometimes be impossible to read if the player has visual or cognitive issues such as Dyslexia. A Dyslexia font is included with this component, and a single Action can swap out all text within the game.
  • Game Speed and Sensitivity: The Game speed can already be changed using core features of Game Creator. However, this Action includes other options such as control sensitivity, with the one execution.
  • Motion Sickness Prevention: Many players will feel ill after being immersed in a first person game. The functions in this Actions will help prevent that. They include turning off head bob, adding crosshairs, and changing the feild of view within the main camera.
  • Parental Controls: This component is possibly misnamed. Some players will have issues with nudity, or some levels of violence, no matter what age they are. This Component allows the developer to easily pixelate these areas, and provide a switch for the player to turn off and on if needed.
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