Closed Captions for Sounds

Using the Closed Captions for Sounds, you are able to display the Sound name, the distance and direction from the player. The attributes avaliable to change are:

  • Enable/Disable Captions

  • Colour of Text

  • Time to Display on Screen

  • Time between scans for proximity of Sounds

There are in a Single Action and can be changed at any time.

Before you start using the Closed Captions Action, you must add the Closed Caption Component to the Player. This can be done manually by dragging the Script from the components folder directly to the Player game object.

Or by selecting the Component from the Component/Game Creator/Accessibilty menu.

You can verify that this has been completed by viewing the Player in the Unity Inspector Window. You only need one instance of this script in the scene.

The Closed Caption Component must be applied to the Player for these Actions to work. However, if you enable an Action without applying the Player Component, the Action will attempt to do it for you.

The settings available to each attribute using Actions are as follows;

  • Enable Captions: on or off.

  • Text Colour: from selector.

  • Display Time: from 0 to 100 seconds.

  • Time between Scans: from 0 to 100 seconds.

Each of these values can be set in the Inspector using Value and the Action can be Enabled or Disabled using a GC Variable.

The Closed Caption Component attached to the Player will build a list of Audio Sources upon awake. The name of the Audio Clip is displayed as the name of the sound. Hence it is suggested that you name the Audio Clips with meaningful names that descible the sound.

When Closed Captions are activated, the component with calculate the distance and direction of each Audio Clip from the player, and display it using Game Creator's Simple Message template. This calculation happens at the interval of the time between scans parameter.

Recommended Settings for players with Visual impairments:

  • Enable Captions: On

  • Text Colour: White

  • Display Time: 2 seconds

  • Time Between Scans: 0.5 seconds

Or allow the player to choose their own values using an in-game settings panel.

See the Examples Scenes and Settings Canvas provided with this Module.