MiniMap Quickstart
To implement the Best Navigation MiniMap, follow a few simple instructions as shown below.
From the PivecLabs/MiniMap/Prefabs folder, drag the prefab named MapManager to your scene Hierarchy.
You can change the graphics later (see tutorials on below) using the Map Canvas Configuration slots if you wish to customise the look and feel. But for now, the prefab should work as expected.
You can change where the minimap will display and configure the features such as using a Scroll wheel for the Zoom, and which button to use for dragging the Full map in the Map Manager Inspector Panel.
You can also add markers using Tags on your Game Objects, but more on this later.
Choose the desired position from the dropdown selection, the Field of View for the Camera, and press play. All should now work as desired.
To see further how this all fits together, view the Example Scene in this Asset, and view the below sections, which cover each parameter in more detail, and provides tutorials on how to customise graphics.
Last modified 1yr ago
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