Adding Makers
The Mini Map system allows for the addition of markers using Tags on gameobjects.
Adding Markers to GameObjects in your scene is easy with the MiniMap Component in this Module. Six coloured Dots are provided in the Graphics folder, but you can use any graphic of your choice.
As this feature works with Tags, you should first decide what tags you want and which markers will be used. The Tags can be anythng you want, but you must add them to your project using the Tags Editor in the Inspector. Click on any object in your scene and you will see that it is probably Untagged.
Click on the Untagged dropdown and select Add tag. Here you can add new tags using any name that is meaningful to you. We have added item, enemy, label, and green.
You can add these Tags to the GameObjects. You can Tag as many Objects as you want to show in the Map with the same Tag, or have a separate Tag for every Object. This is your choice.
Next you need to add a trigger, probably and OnStart trigger, and add the Action for adding Markers.
At first you will see that the Marker Type field is Zero and there are no markers. Decide how many markers you want (you can change this number later), and enter it - we have entered 3. Then you should add the Tags that you created by typing the name, and select an image to represent this tag on the map.
You can also change the scale (how big the marker will appear) of the markers.
And thats it. Press play and test your map markers. You should see them in both the MiniMap and the full screen Map.
For further details on Map Markers, see the Example that is included in this Module
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